Thursday, April 5, 2007

Orioles Suck!

Wow...What a disappointing first series for the Orioles. I wasn't expecting perfection from the O's coming out of Minnesota, but a single win would have been nice. However, its not just the losses that are frustrating, but how they have lost.
The O's weren't shut out in any game, but only scored 8 runs in 3 games. The Orioles team batting average through 3 games is .192. The team is below the Mendoza line to start the season! Thats awful. Less then 3 runs a game won't win a lot of games.
The bright spots seem to be Miguel Tejada and Aubrey Huff. Thats a great sign to have your 4 and 5 hitters knocking the crap out of the ball. Next step for the O's would be getting their 1-3 players on the bases. I have faith that this will happen, but it doesn't look good to go into the weekend against the Yankees without any positive results so far.

My comments on some other Orioles.

Kevin Millar - 0-8 to start the year after just 3 hits in Spring Training. 2 games without a hit is nothing to worry about, but after such an awful spring it is hard to ignore Kevin Millar's production. I wonder how long he will be allowed to struggle before the Orioles make a change.

Chris Gomez - Gomez should be the O's starting first baseman with Millar struggling. Do people forget that Gomez hit .341 last year. Of course he had less than 200 at bats, but the bottom line was that he was productive when he was on the field. He also hit .279 and .282 in 2004 and 2005, so he has handled the bat well as he has gone later into his career. How about rewarding a guy that does things well, instead of marking Millar's spot in ink just because he made headlines in Boston several years ago.

Daniel Cabrera - Great start to the season on Tuesday. I know the criticism is coming in that he let the Twins steal at will, and that he still throws too many balls. However, he should be winning games when holding a team like the Twins to 3 runs. I will be very satisfied if he can give the O's 7 innings with 3 or 4 runs all year long.

Jaret Wright - I know the Orioles didn't give up much to acquire him, so you can't blame management too much for this decision. However, its frustrating to know that this guy can't go more than 6 innings max. Most likely he will be a 4 or 5 inning guy, and I don't know how long that can last on this team. Like Millar he is in his spot because of his name and not because of his recent performance. His 5.79 era in the spring is pathetic and shouldn't have earned him a spot in the rotation. Hopefully Hayden Penn will be in this spot before too long.

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